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We offer all solutions and consultations to business owners, and we also have the experience as we have the competencies, which makes us provide our customers with all the services and consultations necessary to establish companies and follow up on their other transactions, and we also help them choose the most appropriate activities and the best places in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

Business consulting in the United Arab Emirates

Business consulting in the United Arab Emirates can be a valuable service for foreign investors who are looking to start or expand their businesses in the UAE

UAE Mainland

The UAE Mainland includes major cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government, governed by UAE Federal Law and subject to the rules and regulations of the UAE Central Government

UAE Free Zones

UAE free zones are economic zones designed to attract foreign investment and promote growth. They have specific rules and regulations different from the UAE Mainland, making them ideal for foreign investors who want to set up a business in the UAE


UAE Offshore is a type of company set up outside the UAE mainland and free zones. It provides benefits for businesses that want to operate in the UAE or internationally.

Flexibility to add multiple business activities on one license

Egypt is a highly attractive destination for businesses looking to expand in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The country offers a strategic location, with access to major markets, a large population of over 100 million, and a growing economy. The government provides investment incentives and support to create a favorable business environment. Additionally, the cost of doing business in Egypt is relatively lower than in other countries, and there is a skilled workforce with a focus on science, technology, and engineering.
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